RESONANCE advance tickets

Advance tickets for RESONANCE 2.0 are now available via Skiddle – click here to book. The lineup: DJ BIG XYLO – original electronica – live! MC ULTRA – anarchic trap – live! A SMALL GLASS GHOST – deep, ambient electronica – live! MOROCCO DAVE – progressive house & ambient techno – live! JORDAN CLAYTON –…

This Is My Jam Shuts Down

This Is My Jam has shut down – but in an interesting and considered way. There are a lot of failed start-ups that could learn from this… Source: This Is My Jam Shuts Down Without Screwing Users | TechCrunch


RESONANCE 2.0, a night of live electronica, is happening at EGO Performance Centre on 7th November 2015, with me on the bill reprising my live sets from the summer. RESONANCE are offering a chance to win FREE tickets to this event, just sign up at their MailChimp mailing list to be in to win! You…

News from BPM 2015

Due to it a) being just down the road at the NEC, b) a tenner to get in, courtesy of those lovely people at CD Pool and c) I’m off work at the moment and very, very bored, I took a trip down to the BPM 2015 show. After a day of wandering around looking…

My favourite reviews

Tunecore, the digital distributor that I use, provide a reviewing service where they put your tunes in front of a bunch of people, collate the results and then give you some stats on how marketable your music is. I thought it might be neat to give this a go and do a bit of market research,…

More BBC airtime!

“Do you think about me?” got its first play on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire last night – you can hear it on the BBC iPlayer (from about 1 minute 24). Don’t forget – if you like this track you can buy it on CD from Bandcamp, as a download from iTunes or stream it for…

Launch night DJ set

This is the set that I played after my live set at the launch event for my EP “Eighty Days of Rain” last Saturday night. Once again, this is deeply self-indulgent so bear with me. Also, please note: This is what the inside of my head sounds like ALL OF THE TIME.

Launch night pre-show mix

This is the mix that I used as background pre-show music at the launch event for EP “Eighty Days of Rain” on Saturday night. An eclectic mix of chilled electronica, this is a self-indulgent playlist of tunes that I like or have influenced my own music in some way. And a couple of them are…

Eighty Days of Rain EP Released!

I am proud and pleased to announce that my 4-track EP, “Eighty Days of Rain”, is now available to purchase on CD and as a digital download. This EP contains probably my most danceable, commercial work to date and has been several months in creation. For CD and download purchases, head over to my Bandcamp page….

Everyone loves a wedding!

Did you know that along with everything else* I do, I DJ for weddings, too? Weddings are great events to DJ. There’s a built-in guarantee of an audience that a) are going to be totally up for it, b) are going to want a huge range of music played and c) are going to really appreciate…

Is SoundCloud a sinking ship?

Got any mixes, mashups, re-edits or even own productions on SoundCloud? It really does appear that time is now rapidly running out to get off the platform. Source: Get Off SoundCloud While You Still Can – Digital DJ Tips (If you’ve any thoughts on this article, I’d love to hear them – please comment below)

Pre-order from Amazon

Eighty Days of Rain is now available to pre-order from Amazon. (The link below is to, but your localised store should have it, too!)