Everyone loves a wedding!

Did you know that along with everything else* I do, I DJ for weddings, too?

Weddings are great events to DJ. There’s a built-in guarantee of an audience that a) are going to be totally up for it, b) are going to want a huge range of music played and c) are going to really appreciate the job you do… if you get it right. And that’s the hard part, and one that I’ve heard some real horror stories about. Fortunately, I’ve tended to be pretty good at getting the vibe off the audience and pitching the music right over the couple of years that I’ve been DJ-ing and I’m getting so into this particular niche that I’ll be making an appearance at That Alternative Wedding Fair at Fargo Village on the 19th September.

wedding-flyersI’ve gone so far as to have some flyers printed (many thanks to my regular supplier, Rugby Printer, for the quick turn around on what was quite a late decision) for use in attracting more of this kind of business in the future.

So, if you’ve got your big day planned and it’s in Coventry, Warwickshire or the surrounding area, check out my extremely competetive pricing and get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote – you’ll be glad that you did!


* Like, y’know, producing and writing and recording and making CDs and blogging and that

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