Eighty Days of Rain EP Released!

I am proud and pleased to announce that my 4-track EP, “Eighty Days of Rain”, is now available to purchase on CD and as a digital download. This EP contains probably my most danceable, commercial work to date and has been several months in creation.

For CD and download purchases, head over to my Bandcamp page. If you buy the CD, you get the download instantly!

Alternatively, you can also buy the digital download of the EP from iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital and a bunch of other sites.

wrong-camel-logoAs usual this is entirely self-produced – from the composition of the tunes through to the CD mastering, sleeve art and (most importantly) funding. It’s been a hell of a ride – along the way I’ve had to learn a bunch of new skills and engage with a whole new layer of bureaucracy; and I kind of accidentally created a new record label along the way…

Thanks to everyone who has provided support. encouragement and know-how during this process (you know who you are; everyone else can just dream that they’re part of the exalted few) – it wouldn’t have happened without you.

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