Accidental non-destructive testing

You recall the other day I did a big, rambling, self-congratulatory post about foam-lining my lighting case?

Well… it turns out it’s a pretty good thing that I did that job when I did. Whilst loading the car after Resonance, the camber on the pavement outside the venue caught me off-guard and my lighting case fell sideways off the trolley, hit the ground at a weird angle, rolled, and finally came to a rest top-down.

After getting it home I carefully opened it up to discover… 2 little silica gel packets had moved from the containers they were supposed to be in. And that was all. Testing revealed that all my lighting fixtures were completely unscathed.

I’m quite pleased with that for a result! Just a week or two ago, that accident would have completely destroyed at least one or two items from my rig.

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