Saturday night (7th November) saw the second of my RESONANCE live electronica events in Coventry.

I started RESONANCE earlier this year as I was finding it very hard to get an opportunity to perform my material live, most venues not quite understanding the difference between live electronica production and DJ-ing, or just not having an audience-base for anything other than guitar bands, acoustic folk or singer/songwriter outfits (not that there’s anything at all wrong with this – it’s just that I don’t fit any of those categories and would personally like to see a broader range of live music available to the public at large).

I hooked up with EGO Arts Venue, who already run some incredibly eclectic music nights, to provide a vehicle for bedroom producers, DJs, electro-pop bands, anyone with an electronic element to their music to perform in front of an audience.

And … it’s working. On Saturday our artists put on a blistering and incredibly professional show that left our audience utterly gob-smacked. If you weren’t there, please make sure you’re at the next one because these guys truly deserve to be heard.

As a taster of what the evening had to offer, Alex Botten (aka A Small Glass Ghost) recorded his set while he was performing – you can hear it on his Soundcloud page.

Alex also has more photos and short video clips on his Instagram page.

MCUltra also filmed their set – so keep an eye on their YouTube channel, I’m sure it’ll be up soon.

Huge thanks to Matt (DJ Big Xylo), Jason & Emily (MCUltra), Alex (A Small Glass Ghost) and all the staff at EGO for making this a night to remember. Here’s to the next one!

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