Time flies…

Where did six months go?

So, yes – I’ve been away for a bit. There’s been a lot going on and it’s all been a bit fraught. Sometimes, life happens, and there’s nothing you can do about it except shut down a few bits of extraneous stuff and get on with the important things. And, fair to say, in the last few months making music, selling my DJ services, maintaining my social media presence – none of it has been important enough.

What have I been up to? Well, dealing with illness in my family and in myself. Getting a day-job. Getting settled. Grappling with recalcitrant technology, losing email accounts, (temporarily) losing control of domain names, not to mention the phone-that-randomly-chooses-whcih-calls-to-let-through.. it’s been mental.

But I’m back now, and making music again. I’m putting the DJ-ing on hold for a little bit (note: that’s with regard to new business only, if you’re booked YOU ARE BOOKED and I will not be letting you down!) so that I’ve got the capacity to do some live shows of my own material. Expect to hear a lot more about that soon.

Oh, and there’s a new release coming out and a whole crowd-funding thingy coming your way soon, and a chance to see me play live very soon indeed; all of that will be in follow-up posts over the next few days.

Missed you all, hope you’re all still there. x

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