YouTube ordered to pay more for music by Europe

Information may be free, but work sure as hell shouldn’t be


Arkaei pre-trolls his Push 2 performance so you don’t have to

This made me laugh; but try to actually listen to Arkaei’s music while you’re at it – this is a beautifully understated piece. Arkaei is a most excellent performer, but still gets trolls posting crap on his videos. So pulling the rug from underneath them, he’s pre-trolled himself. Source: Arkaei pre-trolls his Push 2 performance…

Optimising your Windows 10 PC for Audio

I got a new laptop, very fast and swanky. So how come my audio latency is higher than on my old machine (given that it’s the same OS, same USB audio interface and the same device driver)? Turns out I needed to do a few optimisation tweaks, which I’d already done on my old machine…