Untitled II

In a massive fit of utter creativity, I’ve yet again managed to totally fail to come up with a title for my latest piece, So it’s called “Untitled”.


Anyway… I really like this one and I’m rather proud of it (duff bits notwithstanding).

“Untitled II” was recorded in one take, it’s full of lovely analogue goodness and tons of mistakes, bum notes and general floating about not being sure what’s going to happen next.

Sequences are generated by an Arturia BeatStep and a a self-written MaxForLive patch, synths are a Roland System-1m semi-modular, a bunch of Doepfer Eurorack modules and that thing that goes “whoosh”. Soft synths include a stock Ableton pad and Arturia’s awesome MiniMoog emulation. And that Jarresque MiniPops samples drum machine is in there again. The whole is once more held together by the excellent Roland MX-1 performance mixer (honestly, I have no idea how I made live electronica without one of these up until now).

This is my first use-in-anger of another piece of MaxForLive software I recently knocked together – Zpwned (pronounced “Zoned”), which chops my keyboard into nice manageable chunks that I can assign to different instruments in-flight. Yummy. If you’re an Ableton user go get it, it’s free and you’re welcome. 80 people have downloaded it so far and they can’t all be idiots, right?

Enjoy the track and please remember to comment and “like” this piece ‘cos it gives me anice case of the warm-and-fuzzies when you do and hell, who doesn’t need that once in a while?




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