More making: Modular Synth case

I built a case for my homemade modular synth out of a plastic tub and some bits of wood.

I nipped out to the local hardware store on Saturday morning, ostensibly to cost getting some 5 or 6mm ply cut for a case build. While I was there I spotted these 9 litre plastic storage boxes; the size and shape immediately struck me as being viable for a case so I bought one on spec. They’re sold under the “Really Useful Box” brand.

I used the 10x12mm softwood to create mounting rails and to secure the power supply (also home-made: see RayWilson’s awesome website for build details; I got the parts from

This angle shows the PSU with a temporary panel in place just to test the fit.

I had to trim my modules down a little to fit (they’ll now be a little under 5U in height) but I’m happy to go with that for the moment as I don’t intend to mount anything other than home-made modules in this box. It should hold 6MUs, which is fine for my needs for the moment.

Here’s the assembled case. It has a nice secure lid, too. Entire thing, including the power supply, cost somewhere around 25 GBP (the EuroRack flying buss cable being the single most expensive component, I think). The power module panel is made from 3mm craft ply, with a layer of inkjet-printed card finished with a layer of clear acetate. I’ll be making the rest of my module panels the same way.

My eldest has suggested that I should shove a bunch of LED lights into the back to really show the module builds off – not a bad idea, I’ll update this if I do it (have to check the all-important current requirements first!)

I don’t really have any build instructions for this case as it was basically a case of “work out where stuff needs to go, drill holes, put screws in”. If anyone’s got any questions about it feel free to ask in the comments below.


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