DIY Modular Synth: Buffered Multiples

This was the first module for my synth that I built entirely from scratch. I’d initially intended to make a simple passive module that provided jack conversion (3.5mm to 6.35mm and vice-versa, to ease patching between my Eurorack system and my 5U system) and a couple of passive signal splitters (which are known as “multiples”). So far so easy – this would literally involve zero components, no power supply, just some jacks wired to other jacks.

But then I came across this description of a DC-coupled voltage distributor on the late Ray Wilson’s Music From Outer Space website. I realised at this point that for not much more effort I could make my multiples active (that is, each output reproduces the input signal rather just diluting the original input) and have a much more useful module as a result.


My design uses just 3 of the available 4 outputs from each TL084 (I’d already designed the physical layout of the module and that’s what would fit), but bringing in the fourth output is just a case of repeating the basic pattern of the circuit.

This module costs just a few pounds to build and is a real benefit to any modular system, especially for routing voltages that would degrade with a passive approach (pitch CV, for example).


Build Documents

Schematic (Board)

MFOS Buffered Multiple Dual 1 in 3 out Schematic - Board

Schematic (Panel)

MFOS Buffered Multiple Dual 1 in 3 out Schematic - Panel

Stripboard layout

MFOS Buffered Multiple Dual 1 in 3 out Board

Flipped stripboard layout

MFOS Buffered Multiple Dual 1 in 3 out Board Flipped


My panel design and cutting guide are available below as 600dpi PDF files. Note that I’ve not included holes for mounting hardware in the cutting guide as these can vary from system to system, depending on your mount/rails/bit of timber of choice. Note also that I use M4 PCB standoffs – you might want to cut the 4mm holes to a different diameter, depending on your standoff of choice.

Panel Design


Panel Cutting Guide


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