Celebrating Delia’s 80th Birthday

On the 5th of May, electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire would have been 80 years old. Alongside Coventry’s celebrations of the event (Delia hailing from Coventry) I appeared on local BBC Radio, performed some live pieces at the Coventry Music Museum and did a day of hands-on, public-engagement, messing-about-with-synths at The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery.

I had an absolutely brilliant, if hectic couple of days – radio with Vic Minett on Friday morning, set-up at The Herbert in the afternoon (this took a lot longer than expected thanks to the extremely enthusiastic parties of schoolchildren who just wanted to get their hands on the gear straight away – wonderful!) , public engagement Saturday morning, race across town for my live set at the Music Museum at lunchtime, more public engagement back at The Herbert in the afternoon and then a final live set using patches and sequencer patterns that my visitors had come up with.


There’s a clip of the (hilarious) radio spot with Vic on BBC C&W’s website, and some video, tweets and photos below.

Anyone who was there for any of these events – please drop a comment below so that I can thank you for your input!

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