How to protect your profile if your music site shuts down

Solid advice for fellow musicians, from a fellow musician

The Tired Horizon Blog

There has been much talk online in the past few days that Soundcloud may be struggling again. They’ve laid workers off, still fail to make a profit, and seem to have failed to find a buyer/investor. Not to scare anyone – I think it is incredibly prudent to make sure you have certain fail-safes should the worse happen. I will outline those here in the hope we can all stay connected with the music, podcasts and audio streams we all love!

Number 1 – You must ensure you have back ups of all audio offline! Buy a few hard disk drives and make multiple copies. If you can store a duplicate or more in different places this increases the chance your music will outlast any natural disaster, fire or whatever the world throws at you.

Number 2 – Don’t upload just to one site. I’ve read panicked comments from a…

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