Hey! I’m Coventry Music Museum Artist of The Month!

I got a message over the weekend from Pete Chambers, the man behind so much that goes on in Coventry’s music scene – “We’d like to have you as our Music Museum Artist of the Month and do a Sounding Off with you on the 5th of August”.

Well, this is an absolute honour and a privilege – for me, at least. For the rest of you it’s going to be a painful hour of listening to me waffle on about music and music tech geekery – hopefully Pete, who hosts the Sounding Off series of informal chats, will keep me in check and vaguely interesting!

Poster is below, it’d be great to see as many people as possible on the day (I’ll bring along some freebies to give away to sweeten the deal, OK?)

Poster below, spread the word!


For LOLs, here’s my initial Social Media reaction to the release of the news:


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