New music: Another Line of Tea

Here’s a new mostly-improved track, developed over a couple of hours and recorded, as is becoming really common for me, in a single take.

The title came from a list of such that I made at a recent TEDx get-together/talk preview. I can’t remember who said it, or what the context was, but I took a note of it anyway. Thanks, random TEDx speaker!

This track sees the return of the laptop, purely as a host for a couple of soft-synths that I still love and use, and the debut of a new piece of home-cooked software and a DIY module. Both of these will be blogged and released soon (i.e. just as soon as I get the remaining bugs out of them).

Anyway, here’s the track! Please take the time to comment/like/share on whatever social platform you like – thanks!


Instruments & Tech


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