Make Synths, Not War

So, after a year or so of prevarication, last month I decided it was probably time to formalise some of the DIY projects that I’ve built into properly thought-out PCBs and kits.

The result of this is – my brand of DIY project kits for the electronic musician who’s a bit handy with a soldering iron and cares not for spending much money at all.

The first two products in the range are a take on my very sought-after MIDI Thru Box and a nicer version of the Eurorack bus-board that I made for my DIY modular synth. I’ll hopefully be following that up with Eurorack versions of the MIDI & CV Master Clock and the Solina-esque Poly String Synth.

The store opens on Wednesday 21st March 2018 but in the meantime, the website is up and you can have a look at the first couple of products.




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