New products for April

First post on the Make Synths Not War blog, another milestone!

Make Synths Not War

Here’s what we’re cooking up for release this month:

ThirdRail: For those of you with just +/-12V in your modular, we’re releasing a 5V supply, to the same form factor (and with the same modular edge connectors) as the MiniBus power bus.

ThruBox: We’re re-stocking this very popular build right now (the first production run sold out in under 2 weeks!)

StringTheory: The “Revision A” boards have arrived and the first prototype will be assembled, tested and recorded this week. In this revision to the original prototype, we’ve improved the output RC filter and added a “gate-to-bus” feature; we want it to be as good as it can be before we release it. Not long now! StringTheory will be available as

  • PCB & panel
  • PCB, panel & pre-programmed ATMega chip
  • Full kit

MidiIn: Dead simple, dead useful, 2 components. A 5-pin DIN MIDI socket with a…

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