Live Shows in May

Wow, it’s May aready – where’s the year gone so far?

Just a quickie post to let you all know that I’ll be playing two live shows this month, both in the adopted hometown, both pushing the improvisation envelope to bursting point, both collaborations, both involving artists in other media. Yeah – I’m doing Art-with-a-capital-A, baby – who knew I had that in me? Read on for the mind-blowing details (so not over-selling it, wait and see).

Blindspot Theatre: Meeting

First up, on Sunday 20th May, I’ll be performing as part of Blindspot Theatre‘s debut event at The Old Grammar School in Coventry. I think I’ll let the event text explain the gig for me:

29543190_1845219495489722_3915250095174694260_nThree artists will meet for the first time. Think you know what will happen? They don’t.

Join us for an evening of fresh collaborations, where rehearsed work meets improvised, classical meets contemporary, and music meets movement. With piano composition from Sophie Hadlum, movement from Abbie Reeve and Anthony Beauchamp, and electronic sounds from Morocco Dave, meet three uniquely different artists as they meet each other and watch the night unfold.

js66943456This show came about as the result of a chance meeting with Georgia Kelly, director of Blindspot, when we were both interviewed for the Coventry Culture Show at the Coventry Evening Telegraph building back in February (the day before my last live show in Coventry, in fact). Enthusiasm was stoked, plots were hatched and a few weeks later Georgia got in touch to let me know that she’d got a venue (in collaboration with the excellent Herbert Art Gallery and Museum) and wow – what a venue. The Old Grammar School is a recently-restored 12th Century building with a magnificent interior (never let it be said that I gig in uninteresting places); needless to say, I am really looking forward to connecting with this space and my collaborators – none of whom I will meet until the day.

Show starts at 7pm; you can join the Facebook Event here – or better yet, just go ahead and grab some tickets for this unique event right now!

Morocco Dave & Diggery @ The Tin

morocco-dave-bannerMaintaining what seems to be the theme for the month (that is, collaboratively making-it-up-as-we-go-along with other artists who may or may not be other musicians), I’ve another really exciting show in the same week. On Friday 25th May I’ll be playing at The Tin, a true jewel of a live music venue on the canal basin in Coventry. I’ve had some great nights at The Tin, both as performer and audience member and I love any opportunity to go back there.

You may recall that last November I played in a monstrously huge church for TEDx Leamington Spa. At that show I met Dutch Van Spall of BHM Artist Development. I got to spend some time at Dutch’s studio as a result, where Dutch (who, I suspect, had a pretty good idea of how this was going to turn out) paired me up with a remarkable young artist named Diggery.

Diggery is a synesthete – he perceives music as light, colours and shapes. Not only that, but he’s a talented abstract artist and he can paint, live, what he hears. Diggery and I spent a couple of days in the studio jamming with synths, graphics tablet and projector and we instantly gelled; by the end of day one we were clamouring to play live with this unusual combination of light and sound. I’ll be improvising, Diggery will be painting, and provided we repeat what we had in the studio, we’ll be bouncing off each other’s ideas all night.

Working with Diggery has been a singular experience for me; discovering that it’s possible to jam with someone working in a completely different medium has been something of an eye-opener and again, this will be an absolutely unique event. Also, it’s the reason why some of my synth patches now have names like “blue sparks”, “brown” and “worms”.

The show starts at 8pm; advance tickets are £5 and you can get them here.


So, there you have it; two shows, so if you’re local to Cov and Warwickshire you’ve got no excuse to not get to at least one of them! Hope to see you soon!


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