New music: Heart Murmur

A riff on the nature of android hearts


BBC Music Day 2017

Or: How I Spent a Thursday in June Camped Out With Dr Who on Delia Derbyshire’s Doorstep

New video: Anatomy of a track

Originally posted on TAKE THE MOON:
In which Mr Morocco Dave explains the inner workings of the track “Liveware Problem”. Caution: contains lots and lots and lots of very lovely noises, synths, other hardware and a reasonable amount of geekery. You have been warned.

Review of the year, 2015

Well, it’s been a pretty nuts year. I started as a dabbling bedroom producer and occasional, moderately reluctant DJ; the year finished with me full-time pro in the mobile DJ market and with a CD release and BBC Introducing Artist of the Month under my belt as a producer. And some live shows, too! Just by looking…


Saturday night (7th November) saw the second of my RESONANCE live electronica events in Coventry. I started RESONANCE earlier this year as I was finding it very hard to get an opportunity to perform my material live, most venues not quite understanding the difference between live electronica production and DJ-ing, or just not having an…