Live news: TEDx Leamington Spa, 18th November 2017

Making a racket in a crazy-huge space with TEDx


New video: Anatomy of a track

Originally posted on TAKE THE MOON:
In which Mr Morocco Dave¬†explains the inner workings of the track “Liveware Problem”. Caution: contains lots and lots and lots of very lovely noises, synths, other hardware and a reasonable amount of geekery. You have been warned.

Dropping: New Studio Recording

Originally posted on TAKE THE MOON:
Released today, the studio version of “You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here”, fully re-recorded and edited to a radio-friendly sub-5mins 30 secs. Enjoy.

First Release: Future Echoes

Originally posted on TAKE THE MOON:
A short piece developed as the soundtrack for a video trailer for the release of the graphic novel “Future Echoes” by Al Davison & Yen Quach.

Untitled II

Another staggeringly original title. Nice tune, though.

Arkaei pre-trolls his Push 2 performance so you don’t have to

This made me laugh; but try to actually listen to Arkaei’s music while you’re at it – this is a beautifully understated piece. Arkaei is a most excellent performer, but still gets trolls posting crap on his videos. So pulling the rug from underneath them, he’s pre-trolled himself. Source: Arkaei pre-trolls his Push 2 performance…