BBC Music Day 2017

Or: How I Spent a Thursday in June Camped Out With Dr Who on Delia Derbyshire’s Doorstep

Review of the year, 2015

Well, it’s been a pretty nuts year. I started as a dabbling bedroom producer and occasional, moderately reluctant DJ; the year finished with me full-time pro in the mobile DJ market and with a CD release and BBC Introducing Artist of the Month under my belt as a producer. And some live shows, too! Just by looking…

Artist of the Month!

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Introducing announced me as “Artist of the Month” for December on the show tonight! For a change, I actually heard the show as it was broadcast (I was in the car, travelling between gigs) – first time I’ve heard one of my own tunes on FM radio for a while! You…

“Do you think about me” on BBC Radio

“Do you think about me?” played out the show on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire on Saturday – you can hear it on the BBC iPlayer (at 01:54:50). Don’t forget – if you like this track you can buy it on CD from Bandcamp, as a download from iTunes or stream it for free on Spotify.

More BBC airtime!

“Do you think about me?” got its first play on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire last night – you can hear it on the BBC iPlayer (from about 1 minute 24). Don’t forget – if you like this track you can buy it on CD from Bandcamp, as a download from iTunes or stream it for…

“Skylight” on BBC Local Radio

BBC Introducing in Coventry and Warwickshire gave “Skylight” a play tonight, and gave the launch event a couple of mentions on the show, too. You can hear “Skylight” on the BBC iPlayer here (from about 1 hour 4 minutes).

Local Radio Airplay

I received a very pleasant email today informing me that my tune “Hah” (which is on my forthcoming EP) was played on my local BBC radio station on Saturday night. If you’ve not tuned in to BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Introducing before, it’s well worth a listen – lots of excellent local talent on there,…

BBC1 Proms – Faithless’ “Insomnia”

Saw this posted by a mate on Facebook – made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight away. Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra – not a bad combination for a remix at all!

More local talent

Pedro Jenko is an electronic music producer from Warwickshire, I always enjoy hearing his material when it’s played on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire (usually this happens when I’m listening in to see if my latest is on – call me self-serving, fine, it goes with the territory). Anyway… Pedro Jenko. Go listen. Now.