New video: Anatomy of a track

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In which Mr Morocco Dave explains the inner workings of the track “Liveware Problem”. Caution: contains lots and lots and lots of very lovely noises, synths, other hardware and a reasonable amount of geekery. You have been warned.

Dropping: New Studio Recording

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Released today, the studio version of “You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here”, fully re-recorded and edited to a radio-friendly sub-5mins 30 secs. Enjoy.

First Release: Future Echoes

Originally posted on TAKE THE MOON:
A short piece developed as the soundtrack for a video trailer for the release of the graphic novel “Future Echoes” by Al Davison & Yen Quach.

My favourite reviews

Tunecore, the digital distributor that I use, provide a reviewing service where they put your tunes in front of a bunch of people, collate the results and then give you some stats on how marketable your music is. I thought it might be neat to give this a go and do a bit of market research,…

BBC1 Proms – Faithless’ “Insomnia”

Saw this posted by a mate on Facebook – made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight away. Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra – not a bad combination for a remix at all!

More local talent

Pedro Jenko is an electronic music producer from Warwickshire, I always enjoy hearing his material when it’s played on BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire (usually this happens when I’m listening in to see if my latest is on – call me self-serving, fine, it goes with the territory). Anyway… Pedro Jenko. Go listen. Now.  


So, the Channel 4 TV show “Humans” ended tonight. I’ve enjoyed following this series, all the more so because of the excellent soundtrack by Cristobal Tapia De Veer (who also created the soundtrack for the astonishing “Utopia”).

Out of the comfort zone

Just to prove that I can in fact cope with music production at tempos other than 128bpm and with (ohMyGlob!) actual real acoustic instruments, here’re a couple of tweets that you should check out: The pre-release of "Blood is thicker than gold" is finally available – with 3 immediate downloads! #newmusic — Matt Steady (@MattStoicSteady) July…


This has been going round my head all damn day* * to be fair, there are worse tunes to get earwigged by 🙂