First Steps…

First Steps: a foray into programming for Ableton Live with Max4Live

Streaming Music Comes To Serato

Serato users will soon be able to DJ with music streamed directly from the internet, thanks to the company’s new partnership with DJ-focused streaming music subscription service, Pulselocker. Serato users with a Pulselocker account will also be able to store music offline for DJ-ing, too. Potentially and very useful (and disruptive!) feature… follow the link…

Must-have upgrade for Serato DJ

Digital DJ Tips spotlight the latest features in Serato DJ Рkey detection and controller remapping, both of which are awesome additions to the Serato toolset. The full article can be found here at the Digital DJ Tips website.

Introducing: Novation Circuit

Got a mailout from Novation promoting their new Circuit gadget. Combining two polysynths and a four-part drum machine, this hands-on groovebox can be used entirely stand-alone or with your DAW and other hardware. It looks like a lot of fun and, apparently, is really quick and intuitive to get along with. Gotta say, I’m intrigued….

Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11?

DJ software and gear manufacturers have warned against Apple’s latest OSX 10.11 update. Here’s a status list of what’s supported and what’s not. Source: Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11? Our Compatibility List

News from BPM 2015

Due to it a) being just down the road at the NEC, b) a tenner to get in, courtesy of those lovely people at CD Pool and c) I’m off work at the moment and very, very bored, I took a trip down to the BPM 2015 show. After a day of wandering around looking…

Is SoundCloud a sinking ship?

Got any mixes, mashups, re-edits or even own productions on SoundCloud? It really does appear that time is now rapidly running out to get off the platform. Source: Get Off SoundCloud While You Still Can – Digital DJ Tips (If you’ve any thoughts on this article, I’d love to hear them – please comment below)

Stems-Ready Traktor 2.9 Released

Native Instruments has officially launched its Stems file format today and announced Traktor 2.9, which is the first DJ software that can play Stems. via Stems-Ready Traktor 2.9 Released, Discounts on S8, D2, & F1. There’s something about this that doesn’t sit quite right with me. So, there’s this new format, “Stems”, that provides 4…

Are Pioneer set to change the game?

Pioneer has today teased a new version of its Rekordbox software that appears to be a fully featured DJ program, like Traktor, Serato, or Virtual DJ. If we’re right, this represents the company’s biggest assault yet on digital DJing, because it means we can expect a whole new set of DJ controllers from the company,…