Introducing: Novation Circuit

Got a mailout from Novation promoting their new Circuit gadget. Combining two polysynths and a four-part drum machine, this hands-on groovebox can be used entirely stand-alone or with your DAW and other hardware. It looks like a lot of fun and, apparently, is really quick and intuitive to get along with. Gotta say, I’m intrigued….

Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11?

DJ software and gear manufacturers have warned against Apple’s latest OSX 10.11 update. Here’s a status list of what’s supported and what’s not. Source: Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11? Our Compatibility List

Is SoundCloud a sinking ship?

Got any mixes, mashups, re-edits or even own productions on SoundCloud? It really does appear that time is now rapidly running out to get off the platform. Source: Get Off SoundCloud While You Still Can – Digital DJ Tips (If you’ve any thoughts on this article, I’d love to hear them – please comment below)

The EP has landed!

A day earlier than scheduled, Pure Music Manufacturing have delivered my CDs! I’ve had a truly excellent service from these guys – they’ve been quick to respond to questions, knowledgeable to a fault and really quick to turn the job around. Not only is the printing, finishing, packaging and shrink-wrap exactly as anticipated, the audio…

Wireless Visual Metronome

Learn how to build your own wireless, visual metronome that flashes along (multi-coloured) to your music in a DAW with MIDI out. Liam Lacey uses Processing, Spark Core and a bit of DIY magic. via Building a Wireless Visual Metronome that Synchronizes with your DAW : Ask.Audio.


Last night I joined in with a Twitter conversation about listening to your own material. I chipped in with a single tweet: @Configa I listen to my own stuff so much I don't understand it anymore — DJ Morocco Dave (@morocco_dave) August 13, 2015 This caused some LOLs, which is always fun. But then I…

EP news – artwork and production

Sleeve art for my forthcoming EP, “Eighty Days of Rain” has been finalised and CD production starts in the next couple of days! This process has been a really steep learning curve for me – lots of new information to take in, new skills and software to master and a whole lot of work (unfortunately…

Out of the comfort zone

Just to prove that I can in fact cope with music production at tempos other than 128bpm and with (ohMyGlob!) actual real acoustic instruments, here’re a couple of tweets that you should check out: The pre-release of "Blood is thicker than gold" is finally available – with 3 immediate downloads! #newmusic — Matt Steady (@MattStoicSteady) July…